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Meet Nancy Beers, Online MAA Student

Nancy: Hi everybody. My name is Nancy Beers and I live in Beavercreek, Ohio. I’ve done a lot of different jobs within the school districts from being a teacher, to a guidance counsellor, to guidance director, to a gifted and talented supervisor. Now I’m currently an Assistant Principal at one school district called Yellow Springs. […]

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Meet Lee Ann Ballard, Online MAA Student

Sean: I want to go ahead and introduce to you all our first student panelist, Lee Ann Ballard. Lee Ann, good evening. How are you tonight? Lee Ann: I’m doing good. How are you? Sean: I’m doing well. Thank you for asking. Lee Ann, if you wouldn’t mind just taking a few minutes here and […]

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Interview with Aaron Wright, Program Director

Aaron: I’m Aaron Wright. I’m the director of the master’s program in athletic administration. I’ve been here at Ohio University since 2005. I began as an undergraduate faculty member and became the undergraduate program coordinator for a few years. Then in 2010, I took my current role as MAA program director. My experience prior to […]

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Student Experience Webinar

Sean: Chuck, if you could, please give us a brief overview about your background in history. Chuck: Okay. Once again, hello and thank you everybody for inviting me here to join this webinar. I am a middle school physical education teacher at Boardman Center Middle School. I teach grades 5 through 8. While I’m there, […]

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