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NIH awards Ohio researchers grant to investigate concussion blood test

Students who are pursuing careers in professional athletic administration may find themselves increasingly involved with scientific and medical personnel to prevent and raise awareness of sports-related concussive injuries. Now, athletic administrators and doctors may have a new weapon in the fight against head trauma in the form of a blood test.

Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic have been awarded a grant by the National Institute for Health to develop a new type of blood test that could provide athletic officials and medical professionals with the means to detect concussions. The test measures athlete’s blood both before and after a game for levels of a biomarker found in blood known as S100B. Elevated levels of the chemical could signify brain injuries, such as a concussion.

“The current tools and technology available to identify and diagnose concussions are no longer adequate to handle the public health epidemic that concussions have become,” Damir Janigro, PhD, lead research scientist of the project, said in a statement. “As these injuries continue to occur in our athletes, we need to discover solutions for faster, more efficient diagnosis, which is what we expect this blood test to do.”

According to ABC News, 33 athletes were studied as part of the control group to develop the test. Elevated levels of S100B were identified among athletes suffering from what is known as a ‘silent’ concussion.

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