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Mayo Clinic makes recommendations on sports concussions

The Mayo Clinic has made several recommendations regarding the treatment of concussive injuries following a summit that addressed the dangers of head traumas that are often faced by ice hockey players.

The Ice Hockey Summit on Concussion was attended by leading sports scientists, medical professionals and athletic coaches. Topics that were discussed at the event included the science of concussions and how they affect the brain, preventative measures, and methods of effectively identifying and treating head injuries.

“Hockey is unique from other contact sports. It is a skilled, fast and exciting game, but the frequent collisions, rigid boards, sticks and puck contribute to risk of injury,” said Michael Stewart, MD, of the Mayo Clinic’s Sports Medicine Center. He added that “those who administer the game must strive to minimize injury risk, especially to the brain.”

Among the guidelines proposed by the Mayo Clinic following the summit was the recommendation that younger ice hockey players are taught body checking and contact techniques at a younger age. Healthcare professionals also suggested that body contact during play should only be permitted for players over the age of 13.

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